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are you doing a fitness thing?? (or rather, what fitness thing are you doing? I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to do my own stuff )

oh i know exactly how you feel, every day i wake up and struggle to motivate myself even if its only for 20 minutes of workout :(

but i’ve been following this which is so helpful, and it really is for ‘beginners’. some of the moves are really like ‘wtf how am i supposed to do this’, but it’s weird how i can do one of the videos on the first week and do it again the second week and actually be able to do it slightly better!

reading the comments on her youtube videos/blog is motivating too, seeing people saying how much its affected them just makes me think I WANT THIS TOO and it’s yours for the taking :3

but if you need help or a little motivation then don’t hesitate to ask, lord knows we all need to help each other with this stuff because it is not easy x

gurl i’m on day 16 my body is looking and feeling so much stronger and i lost 2lbs which isn’t a lot but for my body it kinda is if you know what i mean like i’m not doing it to lose weight and my diet is still………. let’s just say there’s room for improvement

but i feel a lot stronger and a lot more flexible and I GOT FURTHER THAN I DID LAST YEAR i’m still going gotta persist yo B)



Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up

The Stark kids ± talking about Robb

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Would you like to see another magic trick? - X-Men: First Class (Matthew Vaughn, 2011)